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 Silencio is a suspense/thriller novel and depicts a Spanish mother’s dangerous search for her stolen child during which she exposes a baby-trafficking network involving the church, medical staff, government officials, and criminals.   In 2011, Spanish and International Media reported that an estimated 300,000 new-born babies were stolen from maternity units in Spain during the mid-1900’s, given or sold to other families within and outside of Spain. The truth became public following the deathbed confession of an adoptive father to his son in which he stated that he had paid a large amount of money to purchase him as a newborn. Hundreds of similar stories came to light and the long-silenced scandal was exposed.   Mercedes returns home empty: with empty arms, empty womb, and empty of emotion. There is nothing left. The tears are spent. The midwife carries 16 year-old Mercedes’ son from a delivery room and that is the last time that she sees him alive. His first cries haunt her but her family refuse to acknowledge the possibility that her child still lives. Their silence represses her young spirit. Ten years later, a woman named Carmen contacts Mercedes, now a journalist, with stories of newborns who have disappeared in similar mysterious circumstances. When Mercedes embarks on an investigation into the baby trafficking, she must fight powerful enemies to reveal the truth – so powerful, in fact, that her own life is at risk. Using her expertise, she unmasks a baby-trafficking network that has spanned decades and moved thousands of children out of Spain. She antagonises key figures when she unearths conspiracies arising from the bloody periods of Spain’s modern history, exposing a criminal underworld hiding in the government, health services and church. Mercedes becomes their target as they seek to silence her exposé – and her life, and the lives of her loved ones, come under perilous threat...