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Next novel - a life on the line

 My new novel is in development. 

1961 in York, England - social injustices affect women, the poor and the less able. Life on the  Line is a thriller about Rose and her son, a man-child, and tells the story of how an ordinary woman does extraordinary things to protect her son from becoming the victim of a murder conviction.  

upcoming events

 In September I will taking part in the 'Dream Author Programme'. Developed by Sophie Hannah, the renowned crime writer, it is a programme targeting writers to help them overcome some of the things blocking their writing such as time management, self-belief, motivation, etc.  

Short Stories and Flash fiction

 Some of my short story writing can be found on my blogsite at 

signed copies of silencio

If you would like a signed copy of my novel Silencio please send me your details on the contact form.