A Yorkshire female family battles to protect a relative from the police as well as the criminal.

Flying Scotsman near York

When her disabled son witnesses a murder, Rose must protect him from the killer and expose the facts about the body on the line.

York 1961 – Rose’s son Charlie is not like other 21-year old men. Following a difficult birth, he struggles academically and socially but his mother fights for him to have the opportunities available to everyone else. Employed as an odd job man at the York Railway Station, he is sweeping the bridge stretching over the tracks when he witnesses a murder.

Charlie can’t describe it coherently and his mother tries, but fails, to convince the police to believe his statement. Soon, the police realise that the death is not an accident and Charlie falls under suspicion. They come after him, keen to obtain any arrest despite the lack of robust evidence.

Meanwhile the real murderer chases Charlie, trying to silence him forever.
Spooked by media reports a few years earlier of the hanging of an innocent man with low-intelligence, Rose and her sisters strive to protect her son as he flees through the villages along the railway route between York and Scarborough.

Will these resilient northern women manage to outwit and outrun Charlie’s pursuers, and expose the facts about the body on the line?