Yet more examples of babies being stolen for money.  This time in India.

My baby isn’t dead, she was stolen frpom me – BBC News.

Trafficed babies, black money and India’s values – BBC News

More than two years after doctors at a clinic in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata told her that her newborn had died, Kanon Sarkar believes that her baby girl is still alive.

On a summer evening in July 2014, the clinic handed her family the corpse of an infant, tightly wrapped in white cloth, and told them to go home.

The grief-stricken family returned to their village, some 100km (60 miles) from the city, and following Hindu tradition, immersed the infant’s body in a river skirting the village. A year later, the parents burned the death certificate “to forget the bad memories”.

“Now I am convinced that my newborn baby was stolen and sold. And I was given somebody else’s dead baby,” Mrs Sarkar, 27, told the BBC, welling up, outside her sparse home in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district.

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‘My baby isn’t dead, she was stolen from me’

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