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Silencio and L A Berry featured in press.   L. A. Berry Interviewed on BBC Radio Solent Breakfast show.   Silencio Featured on the Troubador Bookshelf at the London Book Fair.   L. A. Berry Interviewed on Total FM Costa

About L.A. Berry

L. A. Berry is a GoodReads and Amazon Author and an alumna of the Faber Academy. In addition to her first novel Silencio, she has written short stories, flash fiction, a screenplay, and some poetry. She is working on a

40 years after Franco’s death, Spanish families look for ‘stolen babies’

40 years after Franco’s death, Spanish families look for ‘stolen babies’ By Michaela Cancela-Kieffer, Linh-Lan Dao November 20, 2015 2:07 PM Madrid (AFP) – Leonor remembers the long corridor of the Spanish maternity ward where she saw her newborn daughter


L.A. Berry's Debut Novel

Silencio is a suspense/thriller novel and depicts a Spanish mother’s dangerous search for her stolen child during which she exposes a baby-trafficking network involving the church, medical staff, government officials, and criminals. In 2011, Spanish and International Media reported that

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A Life On The Line

A Life on the Line - Coming soon

A Yorkshire female family battles to protect a relative from the police as well as the criminal. When her disabled son witnesses a murder, Rose must protect him from the killer and expose the facts about the body on the

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5* Netgalley Review

Totally love this book and pleased to be able to review it for Net Galley. Well researched, full of suspense. A mothers worst nightmare, her newborn is stolen. Overtime Mercedes is relentless in her search for the truth about Spain's stolen babies. I cried so much reading this brilliant book about baby trafficking, how 40years after Franco's death people in Spain searched for so many "lost" babies. I live in Spain for part of each year. I did not know about this and am reading more about it since reading Silencio. A heartbreaking true fact. I cannot imagine how these mothers must have suffered. I loved the ending, can't wait to read her next book. This is a winner.

It’s good to see you writing so well.

It's good to see you writing so well. I've read the prologue of your latest, where the prostitute gets pushed under the train, and let out a little gasp.


Fascinating Insight into baby trafficking

The author handles the difficult subject matter with great skill, weaving a tale of loss, betrayal and love. Using a narrator to tell Mercedes' story works well and allows the reader to stay a little detached from the main character without affecting the empathy with her. Well written, I look forward to reading future books from this writer.

Mrs M A Laino First review on Amazon

An Absorbing Novel

I normally find novels based on fact enthralling. Silencio is no exception, and is a cleverly written story. I live in Spain and am aware the abduction of babies both during (and since) the Civil War is currently a debate here, just as historic child abuse has been a live issue in Britain in the last few years. This adds to the appeal of this excellent novel and makes it deserving the attention of a wide audience. Atrocities against children in the UK have been covered up by the Establishment, the Church, the Police, and sometimes the Media. What happened to Mercedes sounds very like what has been revealed in the UK in recent years, which meant she was fighting powerful and ruthless adversaries. Despite setbacks, Mercedes perseveres in her quest, which makes this novel an emotional and moving read. A couple of times I thought it lacked pace, but this minor criticism was more than compensated by the quality of the writing and the depth and development of the storyline. An absorbing first novel and I look forward to a second book by this talented author.